One of the bummers of wintering at the South Pole is the lack of fresh food. We have an excellent greenhouse, but it can’t provide us with melons, cantelopes, potatoes, or mangoes. Right before station closed for the winter in February we received a diabolically huge delivery of fresh vegetables and fruit that has been stored in the B-berthing wing.

The sitting area in our greenhouse. Everything you see growing here is edible.

We are down to the last bits of veggies- and those bits are looking a little rough. We had a freshie party a month or so ago (What! Don’t judge. I am a little behind in blogging:) to help peel and prep the last of the vegetables for winter.

The Carrot Brigade

It was so touching that some people wept. Actually that was from the cases of onions we peeled, but still, it was touching.

The last of the fresh onions

Back in 2006, we used to keep cases of eggs all through the winter. We would oil them at the beginning of winter ,and then oil them again half way through winter and turn them over. I am not sure if the oiling and turning did anything to keep them fresh, but it was such a treat to have fresh eggs all winter long. It seems someone got sick a few years ago and blamed it on the eggs, so the days of fresh eggs are over. **Side note- if you are too weak to handle a 7 month old egg at the South Pole, then perhaps you should reconsider wintering. You big baby.

Actually, we have been out of fresh anything for a few months now. I just found this post in my draft file. I think the lack of sun, fresh food, and sleep has made me slightly forgetful.

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