Damn Ruskies!

The other night I was working at the station store, if by ‘working’ we can agree I was loitering around, watching Julia Child cook some disgusting stuff circa 1975, and eating the low rent version of Whoppers we call Maltesers, when the IT help desk guru called and asked me where I was and what I was doing, because the computer in my room was being hacked by an IP address in Russia. Actually, it had already been hacked and the Russian IP address was running my computer.

The IT Guru told me to go turn it off now- or at least unplug the internet cable. I obliged and then was absolutely perplexed on why my computer would get hacked. I do approximately 5 things on my computer:

*Apply for jobs
*Look at, but rarely post on this blog

 That’s it, that is all I do on my computer. There is an epic amount of downloading happening here at the Pole, so much so that several ‘offenders’ had to be put on stand-down from downloading anything. I have downloaded one thing since I have been here- this ridiculously funny video “Breaking the Barrier”. It took me HOURS to download it, and by the time I was done I pretty much hated the video for all the time and grief it took.

The IT Guru took my computer and headquarters in Denver are all excited about doing a forensic something or another on it. Thank god I don’t download porn, or I would be super chagrined right now with all of Lockheed Martin’s IT department up in my hard-drives grille.

 I do hope they like Breaking the Barrier though.


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