I Totally Forgot How to Dress Myself Today

The extreme cold weather (ECW) in my bag. Note I hate the white bunny boots.

Today I put on my Carhartts and then realized I forgot my long-johns.

I took off my Carhartts and put on the long johns.

Then forgot I had short socks on. I need long socks to stay warm.

Off with the Carhartts and long-johns and short socks and on with the long socks and Carhartts.

Then I realized that I forgot my long johns again.

I was getting so pissed off at myself for not being able to accomplish the simple task of dressing myself, that I kept thinking,

“Perhaps I had injured my head at some point and didn’t notice?”

I keep thinking -in my own arrogant way -that I am not getting toasty, but my complete lack of being able to dress myself may be a strong argument for my toasty’ness.

The other day JonO and I were using a t-shirt building site to make the winter-over sweatshirt. I was looking right at a zippered hoodie and had no idea what to call it. I kept waving my hand dismissively toward the computer screen and harrumphing at JonO. Like if only he wasn’t such an idiot- he would know what I was talking about. He was randomly and patiently pointing to each item, saying the item’s name, and then looking at me :

Tank tops? Tote bag? Long sleeve women’s shirt? Men’s t-shirt?

It was like being in rehab for a head injury, and JonO was my long-suffering therapist. Which I think he would argue that he is.

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