Do You Have a Flaaaaag?

This week we flagged the berms. First, we lied to a bunch of people who work inside and told them it would be fun. Then we took them far, far away from the elevated station and made them drill holes into the snow, and then stick a flag into it. We did not tell them they would have to do this literally hundreds of times, or that they would have to listen to me endlessly quoting Eddie Izzard.

“We stole countries with the cunning use of flags. Just sail around the world and stick a flag in. “I claim India for Britain!” They’re going “You can’t claim us, we live here! Five hundred million of us!” “Do you have a flag …? “What? We don’t need a flag, this is our home, you bastards” “No flag, No Country, You can’t have one! Those are the rules… that I just made up!…”

Joselyn on Mad Max pulling the sled with all the flags, drills, and extra batteries (which were dying in rapid time from the cold)

Taking over the berms through the cunning use of flags! (and snowmobiles, and drills, and hand warmers)

Each crew had their own rythym. Some took turns drilling while one person drove the snowmobile ahead. Sven the Outrageous Swede didn’t even get off of the snowmobile. He just drove along and leaned over drilling holes and then pulled forward so Carlos could drop a flag. 

I boosted morale with my constant Eddie Izzard quotes. It really helped – even though Robert kept saying, “Who is Eddie Izzard?”

I know! My drill is super impressive!

Sven was freaking us out with his off-kilter mouth hole. Thankfully, his drilling technique was remarkeable.

Lynnette, Robert, and Joselyn

 I may have forgot to mention- the berms are shelves of snow we use for storage. Once the sun sets and the snow starts to drift -it will be impossible to see where the berm ends and the ground begins. So, we flag each side of the berm so the heavy equipment operators won’t drive into,onto, or through a berm. Each berm is a couple hundred feet long and about 4 feet high.  


6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Flaaaaag?

  1. Geez, girl! You do create the weirdest batch of fun I ve ever read about! Instead of Eddy Izzard, you could chant:”They’re coming to take me away, ha-ha. They’re conminbg to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-ha, to the funny farm, where I’ll be happy to see those young men in their clean white coats and theyre coming to take me AWAY, HA-HA!”

    Book group is Wednesday . . . Erik Larson’s In The Garden Of Beasts. We’ll miss you!

    • I am saving that mantra for July:) I wish I would have bought a Kindle when I left, so I could at least keep up with our reading group in spirit! Give everyone my love and keep on reading:)
      send me the link to Ashley’s blog!

      • Actually, Ashley and Justin had two Kindles sent here, and I sent them to South America! They too considered buying one before they left, but didn’t , and then regretted it. Their link is for your reading enjoyment. Aren’t you FB friends with them? They also have a FB page for The Parallel Life.

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