Last Chance to Get Out of Dodge

Waving good-bye to the summer people!

The last flight out of the pole left three weeks ago. I have been a little busy getting the DNF (do not freeze) materials in from the outer buildings, changing rooms, rifling through all the stuff left in skua, and playing jump rope with Christmas lights to get this posted.

Needless to say to go from this….

South Pole Anniversary Photo 2012

…to 50 people on station has been an adjustment. From now until next November there is just us, no planes, no mail, no new anything. If it wasn’t on station before last flight, then we will do without it till next fall.

Just this morning a buddy and I were wishing we had one of those liquid shaker things with a blender ball in it so we could mix our dried milk. Funny, I always thought those were stupid. Honestly, how hard its it to use a spoon? Now, it is one of those items that most people could just pop into a store and buy and we just get to remember how stupid we once thought they were- while desperately wanting one.

Last Flight- get on now or suck it up till November!

Taking the last fuel and loading the last cargo for the season.

Lynnette- It's all fun and games till I can't open my eyes.


...and that is the last ride out of the Pole.

5 thoughts on “Last Chance to Get Out of Dodge

      • You and I have had love affairs with Detroit. Mine started many years ago, but I moved on. It felt then, and still does, like a divorce. You and I both know how that feels, too. Surely there are enclaves of civility, creation, and excitement there. For me, however, I left right after the riots of 1967, and nothing, I mean nothing in my opinion, has gone right for Detroit these many years save the small groups and intimate places you know about. Take me to those places sometime so i might share what you feel. Is that a date?

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