Chicken Happens

Honestly, like you haven’t driven a skid steer with random frozen chicken parts in your lap.


The bulk of our food is stored in triwalls (big boxes on pallets) on the berms (shelves of snow that we use as polar warehouses)).


Here are four hard working GA’s (GA is a synonym for snow shovelers) walking next to the B-berm with triwalls full of food.

Each week the Grub Lugger (person in charge of the food for the station) gives Materials (that’s us) a list of triwalls they need off of the berms. Then we get a loader and get all the triwalls off the berm and move them into the LO Arch (we now officially need a dictionary- the LO Arch is where food and materials not on the berms are kept. The Lo Arch is still cold, but more accessible and out of the elements)


LO Arch

Some of the triwalls have been on the berms for awhile. I won’t confirm nor deny this, but some triwalls may have been there since 2003 and are not in stellar shape. The jostling ride into the station can cause little mishaps- which is why there is frozen chicken parts in my lap. None of this chicken was consumed, nor was it harmed in the filming. Except the pieces I accidently ran over before realizing there was a chicken incident occuring. As I said, Chicken Happens.


More Random Frozen Chicken

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